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it's 2015, so we've given up our landlines

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We get to work on cool projects that we are proud to tell people about. Our clients include: The National Museum of Mathematics, New York Stock Exchange, ClearChannel, MoMA, James Turrell, and The Paley Center for Media. You can see descriptions of many of our projects on this website, duh. 

At Three Byte, project management is distributed. We set goals and commit to schedules together, write code collaboratively and integrate constantly. We eat lunch together every day. We work on many different projects involving computer vision, rich user interfaces, database and content management, show control systems, art installations, RFID tracking, robots, network control protocols, and interactive educational exhibits. At any given time we are each contributing to at least 2 or 3 active projects while maintaining, testing, and enhancing deployed systems in the wild. Everyone goes on-site to commission the software they write and make sure it works.

We are looking for a great programmer to join our team. As a software engineer at Three Byte, we expect that you love to code and that you want to work with other people who would rather being programming than doing just about anything else. You should have strong object-oriented programming skills and you should be able to dive into new languages, platforms and systems without hesitation. We often use C#, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, or Objective-C but every project is different and we always strive to choose the best tool for the job, not just the tool we are holding. We pride ourselves on being flexible and we need a generalist who can fully understand the problem and can visualize a solution in terms of algorithms and idioms regardless of the language. The position requires a full-time commitment to reading, writing, and testing code. You will be expected to own the code you write and fix it when it breaks. You will work directly with end-clients to troubleshoot problems and work towards long-term software and hardware solutions to provide the best operational behavior. You should be able to evaluate priorities and find creative solutions that minimize project bottlenecks and integrate with other developers’ work. You should be able to propose new ideas based on your experience, and make your opinion count.

Here are the things you need on Day 1:

  • Strong object-oriented programming skills in a high level language
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to write great code daily
  • Experience with version control systems like Subversion and Git
  • Independent creative motivation
  • An open mind and collaborative attitude
  • A desire to constantly become a better programmer by learning new technologies and refining current skills

Beyond that, we are excited to grow together as we take on bigger and better projects and you become a better developer by working with great developers. We believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and support professional development by going to technology conferences.

So, if you love to program, have excellent communication skills, and want to build software that you can be proud of, please forward your resume to


We are on the lookout for a motivated junior engineer to help out on various projects. One day you might be writing C# code, the next day configuring cobranet bundles on a soundweb DSP, and the next day learning how to terminate RJ-45's on CAT-5 cable. If you want to learn about the software/AV industry and you think our work looks like fun, send us an email.

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