Pirate & Treasure Museum


When Pat Croce decided to relocate his famed Pirate Soul museum from Key West to St. Augustine, Florida, he wanted to gather the original team that had successfully and seamlessly built the museum in 2004.  He reached out to the project manager, David Girgenti, (a former ScharffWeisberg colleague of ours) who headed the team responsible during the initial installation.  Now at Systems Design Company, David enlisted Three Byte Intermedia to oversee the engineering and programming stages of the redesign and relocation of the museum exhibits.

In order to keep costs under control, Three Byte worked with an inventory of existing hardware where possible, and recommended forward-looking upgrades for specific components in order to ensure a long and low-maintenance lifetime in St. Augustine.  The turn-key system includes Crestron control components, BiAmp audio processors, small form-factor Dell computers, and ELO touchscreen monitors

The system was installed on an accelerated schedule that targeted a concrete hard opening date.  Given the highly-themed environmental exhibits and tightly coordinated audio soundscapes and lighting effects that lead visitors throughout the experience, the well thought-out installation plan, engineering documentation and pre-programming were crucial to the smooth installation.

The completely renovated and renamed St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum opened in December 2010 to rave reviews and excited crowds.

It’s a treasure!

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