Infiniti Leadership Summit


Designed exclusively for the Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Conference in San Francisco, the Conversation installation sought to engage convention participants in an exchange of ideas through large-scale video art.   Three Byte Intermedia was asked to implement the look for a dynamic new video component.

Three Byte provided a text rendering engine developed with Processing software, that displays continuous streams of visitor comments, evoking a river of ideas. Out of this river, some comments are momentarily brought into focus in their entirety before drifting back into the mix.

Convention participants were encouraged to enter new comments at dedicated kiosks and then look up at a local Conversations display to see the comment immediately brought into focus. The result was a compelling combination of dynamic visualization and real-time, user-generated content.

The text rendering application was deployed on 20 distributed systems throughout the conference, including LCD displays paired with input kiosks, theatrical projections during the keynote address, and 3 specially-designed LED systems in and around the conference site. On the larger LED Conversation displays, the Conversation text alternated periodically with branded video content.

The video and text rendering control system was implemented with Medialon Manager show control software which allowed on-the-fly customization of the look of each display surface and real-time control of playlists containing pre-rendered video content.


Software Design and Integration