Low Latency Syncronization over the internet

Previously, ActiveDeck was able to stay in sync within about 4 seconds between the PowerPoint computer and it’s neighboring iPads. However, this wasn’t good enough for us- our background is in show control systems and frame accurate video playback systems. We have a curse of over-analyzing every video playback system we see for raster tear, frame skips and sync problems. Given that ActiveDeck solely relies on the internet, we thought 4 seconds was pretty good, considering. But we wanted to make it much, much better.

We thought about the best way to improve the latency, and our initial thinking leaned towards a local network broadcast originating from the computer running PowerPoint, but that introduces issues on WiFi networks, especially those you would find in hotel ballrooms. VPN to the cloud service would be another option, but adds lots of complexity.

We ended up using pure HTTPS communications (no sockets, no VPN, no broadcasts) to and from the cloud servers with the use of some clever coding. If the iPad has internet connectivity, it will be in sync.

Check the video out, this is over a cable modem internet connection and a plan Linksys WRT54G access point. Our Windows Azure servers are at least 13 router hops from our office. The beautiful part is that the sync messages are tiny and this will scale to hundreds of iPads.