Stack Exchange

About a year ago or so, I discovered this site for helping with software development problems:

It’s a completely free, community powered site for asking and answering questions related to software development. It was made for experts, by experts. It turned out to be an amazing problem solving resource, and shortly thereafter and were opened up, and now have a huge user base. I encourage you all to take a look at the quality of questions and answers.

The founders have decided to open up to the internet community and ask for ideas to start up new sites. There are ideas for sites from mythology to raw food to industrial control systems.

I’ve put a proposal out there for a site to cater to the community of AV professionals. The concept being this is where you ask the tough questions, and help out people with tough problems. I need people to sign up and back the proposal, as well as to ask sample questions to see if the quality meets the par. This thing needs a critical mass to make it to the next stage..

A sample question could be:

When installing a BSS Soundweb in a rack, can they be stacked with no spacing? Has anyone every had heat related problems?

Or, another sample question could be:

What is a good resource for figuring out how to send wake-on-lan to various computers from an AMX controller?

A BAD question could be:

What does the blinking red light on an AMX frame mean?

So, please go to:

log in and post sample questions..